Friday, November 28, 2008


I’m Looking 4 Plungers and Pledgers for a GREYT Cause!!!

On Jan 1st 2009 a few brave souls will be taking a plunge into Lake Michigan with American Greyhound and the Polar Bears to help raise funds for is the greyt organization that rescued our sweet sugar Stoney (Mr.Bones). The wonderful people in this organization dedicate their lives and homes to rescuing and fostering these amazing boys and girls from greyhound race tracks. If it wasn’t for these generous rescue organizations such as these most loving boys and girls are just disposed of like trash.

If you can help out in any way, either by pledging me to jump into Lake Michigan or by JOINING me and jumping into Lake Michigan with me - both are welcomed and appreciated!!

If you are willing to take the plunge with me please contact me ASAP so I can send you pledge sheets and you can get your friends and family to pledge money to you -- see how much you can get your friends and family to pay YOU for jumping in Lake Michigan in January!! It's all going for a really GREYT cause! Whether you can pledge money for me to take the plunge or you will join me and jump in yourself contact me through wherever you found out about this (my site, my fb page, my myspace page, etc.) or phone me directly at 219.866.7552. Any little bit you can give or do does make a difference… there are many medical bills when these greyt boys and girls come off the track and that is just the beginning… these wonderful foster families need to buy food, toys, and other goodies while they help provide loving homes for these boys and girls until they find their forever homes. The costs really add up so every little bit really does help.

2008 Freezin For A Reason Photo SlideShow Click here

For more information on how to adopt one of these GREYT boys or girls go to

Saturday, November 22, 2008

dog pop art collage: greyhound art mr bones - new work

below is a pic of my greyhound dog pop art collage modeled after the one and only Stoney - aka MR BONES. more pics of stoney and his brother moosey here

greyhound dog pop art collage by

this original greyhound dog pop art collage, titled: Stoney, is for sale (here)with a percentage of the sale being donated to prints of Mr Bones' pop art collage are for sale here

currently in the works is rufus -- aka PACMAN... my mother in laws chocolate lab who let's just say really likes his treats. i'll post him when he is finished and photographed :-)

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

dog pop art collage - new works

i've been working on some new animal collage works and i started of course with my boys moosey and stoney

dog pop art collage by

this original dog pop art german shepherd collage, titled: Dirty Paw Moo, is for sale (here)with a percentage of the sale being donated to PETA. fine art giclee prints of moosey's pop art collage work are also being created in a limited edition of 200. the first 25 fine art giclee prints of this edition are being to donated to PETA for a PETA event next month. prints of moose's pop art collage are for sale here

of course you know there is a mr. stoney bones too!! his is finished but not yet professionally photographed so i will update tomorrow. he does have some of his pics from his b-day uploaded (not all of them yet though it has been crazy here!!)
but to view some pics from little stoney's b-day click here.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

MR. BONES B-DAY - and how i spent my friday night

hi boys and girls!!! yesterday was a very special day here - it was our little stoney's (aka MR. BONES) b-day! he turned 5 yesterday!!! --- so i painted (will show work when it is photographed) early in the day yesterday and we took the afternoon off for stoney's b-day to go walking in the woods and let him run in the sand by the pond. it rained on and off all day but while we were out it really only drizzled and mr bones had a fab time!! -- i will upload his pics sometime tonight and post them tomorrow. -- stoneys grandma came last night to watch the boys and we went to see my boyfriend daniel craig in quantum of solace. IT WAS FABULOUS!!! not as good as daniels first bond role in casino royale but really good. ladies.. let me warn you there is no screen time of a naked daniel craig this time around (i know i know.. the directors should be shot!!) -- and there is VERY LITTLE time with daniel shirtless.. (again.. shoot the directors for this huge faux pax!!) then... after the movie it was time to have a glass of wine and do a little wii fit --- words can not explain my hubby doing hula hoop on a wii fit -- but the following video will explain very nicely

my friend ryan (who dubbed my hubby 'frankenstein') - thought this was a moment that had to be captured on camera.. so he took out his blackberry and starting shooting.. oh i am so glad he did!! PRICELESS!

i'll get back to the 'art' part of this blog in a day or two... we are quite behind in photography of the works (again!) :-)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

digital art - the ultimate fighter - Dorit's raw food recipe book


one of my more recent digital art pieces. with the majority of my digital art pieces i usually incorporate my photography (in this one my photo of an abandoned gas/service station). my digital art / photo manipulations (even though while created with my computer instead of a paintbrush) take much longer to create than my abstract paintings. this is the first time i've done a work in a series where i where one of the pieces is 'digital' where the other works in the series are not.... so more than likely this piece while be created digitally will be recreated into a physical form, 1 of 1, mixed media. --

Title: Jumping through Hoops

Series: A Girls Gotta Do What A Girls Gotta Do


okay last nights episode of the ultimate fighter had what i think was the funniest scene of all time!!! it was seriously hysterical!! cutie david kaplan was drunk and begging for mega hottie tom lawlor to punch him in the face. tom kept trying to get him to chill out and was laughing at him.. then finally enough was enough and he gave dave what he was wishing for. toooooooooooo funny!! knocked him out... LOVED IT!! it is totally impossible for them to have another season with this many good looking guys in the house - - loving it!!! -- okay so last night i lost.. hubby and i always pick the fight and i stuck to my 'hotness factor' and choose cutie kyle (is it me or does he look like a young randy couture??). anyhooo if you watched you know my hotness factor method of voting let me down. :-( and hubby won.


every day i receive emails from individuals all over the world asking me questions regarding the raw food diet. one of the most faq's i receive is what raw food recipe book do i recommend the most. i own many of the raw food recipe books and while each have their own thing going for them, one of my favorites is Dorit's Celebrating Our Raw Nature. Dorit sent me her book for review and while i do receive books for review to share with my site visitors if i think they will like them.. i honestly don't plug them all. this recipe book is not about 'pretty pictures' - but i have a very large library of raw food recipe books with pretty pictures - some of which fall flat with giving the reader 'easy to use' recipes. Dorit's Celebrating our Raw Nature is truly one of my favorites and it is packed with a ton of easy raw food recipes that TASTE GOOD, are easy to make and categorized nicely to give you several drink recipes, raw food soup recipes, raw food appetizers, raw food main dishes, and raw food sauces & dips! so, if you don't need to be impressed with 'photos' (which i do not) Dorit's book is a serious raw food recipe book packed with easy to create dishes that are TASTY!!

Dorit is really an amazing woman who is doing a fab job in helping to spread the word about the benefits of living foods. You can find out more info about Dorit at her web site

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

veterans day - new painting (skys the limit)


first i would like to just say a very sincere THANK YOU to the men and women of our military who devote their lives to protecting and defending us!! i hope everyone spends some time today to remember our brave soldiers!!! thank you to our veterans on this veterans day!!!

a great website you may want to check out today to show your support is Stories of Service mobilizes youth volunteers across America to help those who served our nation star in their own “mini-movies.” These short videos educate and inspire future generations about courage, sacrifice and service to community. For 2008-2009, Stories of Service is focusing its efforts on a major initiative to capture the stories of the World War II generation. By working with national partners such as National History Day, HISTORY (formerly the History Channel) the Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt Institute and others, we are reaching out to youth across America and encouraging them to capture the stories of these "unsung heroes" in their communities.

another site you may want to visit if you wish to say or pay your thanks is the site Wounded Heros Foundation -- I hope if you do not know about this site you take a second of your time to visit it. the following is from their site to let you know what the site's mission is...

How we carry out our Mission

When WHF (Wounded Heros Foundation) was conceived we had 2,000 wounded. We now have over 20,000 Wounded and Injury Deployed Heroes. Evacuated straight out of the field and separated from their unit, they loose their support base and even their possessions. The WHF provides immediate financial assistance to our Heroes and their families. Planes tickets, hotel rooms and other basic needs make certain they have their families with them during their long road to recovery. WHF has provided over 4,000 Survival Care Packages to Walter Reed, Brooke Army Medical Center, National Naval Medical Centers in Bethesda and San Diego and to the US medical units in Iraq, Afghanistan and Germany. We have met with over 1,000 Wounded Heroes and their families. With your help, we will continue sending Survival Care Packages, assisting with inpatient and outpatient care needs at all US Military Medical Facilities, both domestic and abroad and continue to provide life lines to these young men and women who are truly The Heart of America.


the following work is another one of my most recently completed mixed media works.

TITLE: The Sky's The Limit
SIZE: 60" wide x 48" high
MEDIA: mixed media on canvas

abstract art painting

abstract art painting

abstract art painting

abstract art painting

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Original Mixed Media Art Paintings - by Michel Keck
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Monday, November 10, 2008

mixed media painting (by yours truly), chef jeff, DEXTER and more..


below is one of my most recently completed original mixed media paintings. it is not yet available for sale publicly but should be made so at my site later this week.

Title: On The Right Track
Size: 48" x 80" x 1.5"
Media: mixed media on canvas

close-up view 1
close-up view 2
room view of On The Right Track


so i watched chef jeff project last night and lordy IT WAS A TEAR JERKER!! (i know, i know the entire 'cooked food reality shows' are so NOT appropriate for a raw foodist - but i love them!) - the chef jeff episode i watched last night was the one they did for KA.. but a plus.. the food they did was all RAW (though not my kinda raw.. oysters, beff tartare, etc. i was bawling my eyes out when he took the kids home to meet his family!!!!! (hubby was of course making fun of me!) -- i was bawling as soon as he started talking to the kids after they ate - but when adam started crying i lost it... i mean seriously lost it. you know the crying where you give yourself a headache because you are trying not to cry but can't control it? LOVE this show. LOVE chef jeff. if you haven't watched it or don't know about check it out here Chef Jeff is really doing amazing things to make big changes in the life of 6 young adults who haven't had an easy life. (great show!).


for those of you who don't follow my blogs.. i am IN LOVE with michael c. hall -- probably better known as DEXTER. i didn't start watching dexter when it first started (though i wanted too). several years ago i told hubby i had the best idea for a movie.. a movie about a serial killer who killed serial killers. THEN ALONG CAME DEXTER!!!! - i never knew when it was on so i didn't start watching it until a couple of months ago. we bought seasons I and II started watching and were addicted. BEST SHOW ON TELEVISION!!!! so to all my other dexter fanatics... ARE YOU DYING THIS SEASON?? i was never a jimmy smits fan... but he is unbelievable in this show. i am thinking he is eventually going to have to kill jimmy (miquel)... i don't see how it can go on that jimmy knows his secret. so... here are my thoughts.. miquel is going to try to kill the da ellen (for personal vendetta) -- even though last night they tried to make us think miquel was off her case now. I AM LOVING THIS SEASON!!! --- was very shocked dexter is going to be a daddy too... but like the twist it adds. so while dexter is far from chef jeff i was bawling last night watching dex too when he helped kill his friend and put her out of her misery by putting the drugs in her key lime pie --- i was crying my eyes out!! (again hubby was laughing at me!)

i am LOOOOOOOOOOOOVING THIS SHOW!!! hands down best show on t.v.

so.. that's it for now... i am off to go shoot some photos in the woods.. more 2morrow!

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Abstract Art Painting A Day

below is one of my latest abstract paintings titled: "in it to win it" - it has not yet been made available for sale publicly but will be made available in a few days through





Title: In It To Win In

Size: 48" x 80" x 1.5"

Media: oil, acrylic, enamel and ink on canvas

RECENTLY SOLD Contemporary Art Paintings
Original Abstract Art Paintings - by Michel Keck
Original Mixed Media Art Paintings - by Michel Keck
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Saturday, November 8, 2008

hi boys and girls!! new personal blog space

okay so if you are here looking for juicy posts.. this is a new blog. my old blog was taken over with my 'GICLEE OF THE DAY' blogging - but you can always check out the older posts in that blog for my old blog posts.

so those of you who follow my blog are probably wondering... how are the boys doing??

CAPTION: stoney - "moose, rub my belly" - moose: "you've gotta be kiddin me!"

more pics of the boys from this month are at

for those that don't know how to follow the boys pics you just click on the link above and go to the main babies directory if you want to see all of their pics!

a lot has been going on here.. things are always busier here at the end of the year as it is our busy time for the publishing division of my company (hence why we are always so behind in the photographing of my latest). we had a great halloween party at the gallery at the end of last month and are planning our xmas costume party for next month (everything is better in costume!). i have been working on some new works in my 'a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do series' - one of my most recent in this series is titled "make 'em beg" (shown below).

the majority of my time over the past couple of months has been the creation of originals for several corporate art projects. i've also been playing with photography as i am always doing off and on.. i am wanting to do some more digital photography/collage works so i've been doing some shooting during the warm weather we had the past week.

i haven't updated in FOREVER on my reality t.v. fix... i couldn't really get into survivor or amazing race this year... well for the past few years actually so nothing to report there. BUT am i alone in thinking this may be the BEST season yet of ultimate fighter???? i wasn't overjoyed with the coach choices.. (quite boring actually *yawn*) but the FIGHTERS -- ladies are you watching??? are the boys getting hotter or is it me? (OH THANK U DANA!!) so my favorite hotties this season...

shane primm (hot!)
tom (very hot!)
vinny (extremely hot!)
shane nelson (cute!)
efrain (cute!)
phillipe (cute!)

but the hottest guy this season is HANDS DOWN i'm thinking of giving up this art career thing to work as a casting agent for the ultimate fighter (come on... like they really care if these guys can fight.. i think dana has been watching my accuracy of choosing winners by HOTNESS factor!!)

okay so i've been loving that show this year... and i KNOW i swore i was never going to watch MTV again.. but yesterday i turned on 50's money of power and was HOOKED (i don't know how long it has been on but i caught what was the first episode) - i wanted to slap 50 up against the head for not kicking out that fat ass precious for making such a hideous comment - 'go do my nails'!!! WTF???? guess he wants her nasty ass on their because everyone seems to hate her and they think she will (and will) be good for ratings. top design was kinda good this year... but i really think preston should have won (he was overall the most CONSISTENT.. his designs were always flawless!!! LOVE preston!). there is a new show chef jeff which has been really good but i so would have gotten rid of that chick that was lying about her car being vandalized (you're FIRED!!.. oh wait confusing my reality shows here). i guess that is really it with the reality shows.. now that project runway is over the reality show taking my highest attention is ultimate fighter.

so that's it for now! going out to shoot some photos today... c u tomorrow!

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