Saturday, November 15, 2008

MR. BONES B-DAY - and how i spent my friday night

hi boys and girls!!! yesterday was a very special day here - it was our little stoney's (aka MR. BONES) b-day! he turned 5 yesterday!!! --- so i painted (will show work when it is photographed) early in the day yesterday and we took the afternoon off for stoney's b-day to go walking in the woods and let him run in the sand by the pond. it rained on and off all day but while we were out it really only drizzled and mr bones had a fab time!! -- i will upload his pics sometime tonight and post them tomorrow. -- stoneys grandma came last night to watch the boys and we went to see my boyfriend daniel craig in quantum of solace. IT WAS FABULOUS!!! not as good as daniels first bond role in casino royale but really good. ladies.. let me warn you there is no screen time of a naked daniel craig this time around (i know i know.. the directors should be shot!!) -- and there is VERY LITTLE time with daniel shirtless.. (again.. shoot the directors for this huge faux pax!!) then... after the movie it was time to have a glass of wine and do a little wii fit --- words can not explain my hubby doing hula hoop on a wii fit -- but the following video will explain very nicely

my friend ryan (who dubbed my hubby 'frankenstein') - thought this was a moment that had to be captured on camera.. so he took out his blackberry and starting shooting.. oh i am so glad he did!! PRICELESS!

i'll get back to the 'art' part of this blog in a day or two... we are quite behind in photography of the works (again!) :-)

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