Thursday, November 20, 2008

dog pop art collage - new works

i've been working on some new animal collage works and i started of course with my boys moosey and stoney

dog pop art collage by

this original dog pop art german shepherd collage, titled: Dirty Paw Moo, is for sale (here)with a percentage of the sale being donated to PETA. fine art giclee prints of moosey's pop art collage work are also being created in a limited edition of 200. the first 25 fine art giclee prints of this edition are being to donated to PETA for a PETA event next month. prints of moose's pop art collage are for sale here

of course you know there is a mr. stoney bones too!! his is finished but not yet professionally photographed so i will update tomorrow. he does have some of his pics from his b-day uploaded (not all of them yet though it has been crazy here!!)
but to view some pics from little stoney's b-day click here.

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derek said...

cool portrait! u might like mine too.

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